Sydney Workshop: Introduction to Sensitive Data & the Five Safes


In September 2023 we hosted a workshop at University of Melbourne to road test the Sensitive Data and Five Safes training that will be an important part of the CADRE (Coordinated Access for Data, Research and Environments).

Engaging with a range of HASS researchers at this workshop helped us to refine the online training, including its content and design.

Following on from this, our CADRE colleagues will be hosting a half-day workshop in Sydney for students, researchers and support staff who want to learn about the Five Safes and sensitive data.

This event is open to all interested researchers, not just UNSW staff and students. Nicole from SOCEY at University of Melbourne will be attending on the day and we’re looking forward to participating!

Further details and bookings can be located at Eventbrite.

Date: 9 May 2023

Time: 9:30am to 2pm

Location: UNSW Sydney Electrical Engineering building, K-G17 Room G03 Kensington, NSW 2052.

For more on the CADRE project, see the website.

Feature image: Headway via Unsplash